SAP HANA — The Core Executive Brief — Watch First

What the heck is HANA?

HANA is empowering digital transformation. Large companies must become digitally nimble or face unprecedented threats from new tech startups fueled by a flush venture cap industry.

In this executive, non-technical brief, learn what makes HANA special and why it matters for any company that wants greater agility. HANA is revolutionary and important to our future.

(9:55 Whiteboard / Video)

SAP Cloud Platform — Empowering Agile Innovation

SAP Cloud Platform, or SCP, is truly important, but often a bit under appreciated, for any company with substantial investments in SAP systems.

SAP SCP is a centerpiece for agile innovation, and offers a very different platform than infrastructure cloud services like AWS and Azure.

(9:30 Whiteboard and Customer Highlights)

For additional detail and customer use cases, visit my dedicated blog for SCP at

Here is the official SAP web page for SCP.

Understanding S/4 — Modern ERP Changes Everything

S/4 HANA is our latest and greatest enterprise business suite, enhancing organizational productivity while improving I/T agility. SAP pulled off this miracle of modern technology by massively simplifying the behind-the-scenes data models, enabled by the revolutionary HANA platform.

While these two minutes do include some technical topics, it really does cover the technical “why it matters” answer at a high-enough level for business executives to sink their teeth into.