SAP HANA — The Core Executive Brief — Watch First

What the heck is HANA?

HANA is empowering digital transformation. Large companies must become digitally nimble or face unprecedented threats from new tech startups fueled by a flush venture cap industry.

In this executive, non-technical brief, learn what makes HANA special and why it matters for any company that wants greater agility. HANA is revolutionary and important to our future.

(9:55 Whiteboard / Video)

SAP Cloud Platform — Empowering Agile Innovation

SAP Cloud Platform, or SCP, is truly important, but often a bit under appreciated, for any company with substantial investments in SAP systems.

SAP SCP is a centerpiece for agile innovation, and offers a very different platform than infrastructure cloud services like AWS and Azure.

(9:30 Whiteboard and Customer Highlights)

For additional detail and customer use cases, visit my dedicated blog for SCP at

Here is the official SAP web page for SCP.

Achieving Process Excellence — Great Returns

Return on your investments in SAP ECC software assets can’t be maximized without understand how the system is actually being used for various processes. Process mining is the key to empower your business departments.

(7:09 Whiteboard and Demonstration)

Here is a nice short video from the Celonis team that highlights why Celonis is much better than trying to create one’s own BI from scratch to improve processes.

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Better User Experience Matters

Here is a nice 5 minute demonstration of Fiori 2.0, the easy to use front-end to our S/4 HANA business suite. Making systems easier to work with and presenting everything someone needs to do their part of a process on one screen is crucial to simplifying your enterprise and becoming an agile enterprise.

A great UI makes your company more productive.